CN Films

CN Films creates a range of tools designed for film distributors to make their daily operations easier.

Our tools


A smooth and smart online service enabling to manage the entire film lifecycle in a user-friendly and adaptive interface

A complete set of booking, sales and financial tools combined into a single system and connected with most 1/3 parties within the branch

  • Billing
    • Automatic invoicing based on reservations
    • Reminders campaign
  • Booking
    • Booking list preparation
    • Prolongations management
  • Dashboard and statistics
    • Automatic admissions and BO ingest
    • Statistics by movies and cinemas
  • Logistics and transport
    • DCP orders
    • Direct interface to 1/3 parties and labs
    • Automatic status update
  • Paiements
    • Cash entries
    • Reminders campaign
  • Finance
    • Analysis by client
    • Reporting to right owner
  • KDM generation
    • KDM order based on booking list
    • Live status update
  • Marketing material
    • Pre-set catalogue of marketing items
    • Orders of marketing material
    • Breakdown according to startplan and/or preset amounts by cinemas
  • Scalable rates, adjusted to our partners’ needs and scale
  • No implementation costs
  • A monthly licence fee, including :
    • bi-weekly service upgrades,
    • fully updated and maintained database
    • Multi-lingual speaking client support
    • KDM creation, upon request


The e-delivery platform that enables distributors and cinemas to connect via a seamless and intuitive system. CINEGO Stock is actively installed in more than 75% of French screens and is embedded in 60% of the cinemas TMS nationwide.

CINEGO STOCK is a powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end storage and delivery platform for your DCPs, addressing the largest installed based of French cinemas.

  • A fully secured and reliable solution
  • A scalable and smart architecture that adjusts to the traffic and/or library expansion
  • The largest base of connected cinemas, with no need for dedicated material
  • A flexible delivery process, either based on a pull or push option.
  • The interface to the booking tool CINEGO DISTRI, enables to seamlessly order and monitor your logistics.

With CINEGO STOCK, you can access and monitor the download of trailers and feature films in an innovative and intuitive interface, offering a wide range of feature trailers and feature films, just a few clicks from your screen.

A secure, simple and rapid solution to bring films and trailers to your cinema.

  • No dedicated machine, no prerequisite installation, no subscription
  • Organize and download the required content upon you specific needs in our intuitive interface
  • Access a wide-range of feature films (3000+), trailers (100% of weekly releases), bonus material and further features.

CINEGO empowers 102 distributors across Europe:

About us

Our values

At the convergence of digital media, technology and cinema, CN FILMS designs smart and innovative tools to empower a wide range of distributors and right owners to improve their daily operation, by leveraging digital upgrades within the sector.

Our story

CN Films started with Jean-Paul Gillet, Etienne Traisnel and Thierry Delpit, a passion for film distribution and the opportunity raised by digital transformation within the sector; They came together to address the need for KDM generation, and was driven by the will to facilitate the distribution of films against the new background.

Noir Lumière

Noir Lumière is an innovative plateform for long-term preservation and dematerialized exploitation of all your film files.

Our team

Client support

Our client support team is dedicated to providing our clients and partners relevant responses and solutions to feeback and questions raised while using our services.


IT and development

Our technical team is thriving at maintaining and designing tools tailored to the needs of films distributors and adjusted to the evolutions shaping the branch.


Our sales and administration team makes sure our boutique is run smoothly.

Join us

With a team of people, whose culture is ingrained in IT and Cinema, CN Films is a dynamic and demanding entity striving to offer its clients within the film industry smart and relevant tools. CN Films is looking for talented and passionate professionals to pursue its expansion and continue maintaining current softwares and defining new products.

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Nous recrutons

  • Développeur/développeuse •
    CN Films


  • Account Manager (Internship) •
    CN Films

    Account Manager (Internship)

    Chargé de clientèle – Stage ou Alternance  – (H/F) (Confidentiel)

    CN films – Paris 2e


    Cinéma / audiovisuel

    A propos de CN Films

    CN films est un leader français de l’édition de services à destination des distributeurs de films. CN Films édite Cinego Distri, outil de gestion de sortie de films en salles et Cinego Stock, plate-forme de stockage et de transport dématérialisé des films. Aujourd’hui Cinego est disponible dans plusieurs territoires européens.

    Basée dans le centre de Paris, CN Films est une structure dynamique de 15 personnes, passionnés de films et de logiciels.



    CN films est à la recherche d’un/une chargé( e) de clientèle pour assurer le suivi quotidien des relations avec les utilisateurs des services de CN Films, pour renforcer son équipe.
    Rattaché (e) à la responsable des Relations clients, le/la chargé( e) de clientèle à la tâche d’assurer le traitement des demandes émises par nos clients et utilisateurs et la mise a jour des services et bases de données en adéquation avec leurs besoins :  Distributeurs, exploitants, ententes de programmation….

    – Accompagnement des clients dans leur utilisation quotidienne de nos outils.

    – Remontée des besoins, préconisation sur les évolutions à apporter

    – Maintien de la base de données des cinémas

    – Mise à jour du catalogue de films, suivi de la mise en ligne des films.


    Bac + 2/3 ans

    Une première expérience dans le domaine de la distribution cinema, ventes internationales ou TV.

    Anglais courant, la maitrise de l’allemand serait un plus.

    Rigueur et faculté d’organisation

    Esprit d’initiative
    Très bon relationnel

    Rémunération envisagée : Selon profil

    Possibilité de CDD ou CDI à l’issue du stage.


We’re hiring!

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